Fire Department

Fire Station 1

Through the dedication, knowledge and experience within our department staff, we feel we can provide the citizens and visitors of Gardendale with the finest protection, best services, and the highest quality of life possible. 

The Gardendale Fire and Rescue Service is a full time career fire department employing twenty-seven full time fire/medics, Fire Marshal Adam Crain, and Fire Chief Joe Thomas. Gardendale Fire and Rescue Service covers approximately 50 square miles and averages over 200 alarms monthly with 70% assigned to medical-related alarms.  The staff is trained and certified in various levels of service, ranging from paramedics, high angle/rope rescue, confined space, trench rescue, fire prevention, haz-mat and additional individual certifications.

Fire Station #1, located at 1811 Decatur Highway, operates as the main fire station. In 2014,  Fire Station #2, in the western area of the city, is located at 1648 Fieldstown Rd.

Our History

The City of Gardendale Fire and Rescue service was chartered in 1956 with thirteen volunteer members. By 1992, increased call demands led to the Mayor and City Council hiring a full time Fire Chief, Clint Doss, to oversee the operation, growth and services of the Fire Department.

As the city grew, so did the demands on the fire service. In 2003, the Mayor and City Council, at the recommendation and request of the Fire Chief, began the process of transitioning from a volunteer to a full time firefighter/paramedic department.